• Part 3

    Building a community I would always look at Maanushi as a tree- a mighty yet gentle tree with roots that travel deep to nourish its being and its branches, which bear the homes of many and spread its shade to all those who seek her. Maanushi is the embodiment of the land I call homeContinue reading “Part 3”

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  • Part 2

    Diversifying because we had to. “It was not just COVID that hit our economy, there was climate change too. Being an agriculture dependent community, the floods washed out almost everything from the people. There was a pressing need for creative economic solutions.” – Syamala, Founding member. Once we started working to promote sustainable menstrual practices,Continue reading “Part 2”

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  • Part 1

    The Story of Finding Solutions. When we started the foundation’s activities in 2020, our only intention was to share the knowledge we had about sustainable menstrual practices, but once the work picked up momentum, Maanushi took its own form and spread its roots as a collective with multiple initiatives to empower and uplift our community.Continue reading “Part 1”

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