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Maanushi Foundation is a voluntary collective formed in the year 2020 that primarily works in the area of menstrual health awareness among rural communities to promote period positivity. We have been distributing sustainable period products like reusable cloth pads (from Eco Femme, Pondicherry) and menstrual cups (from Asan Menstrual Cups) for free through our outreach activities. Maanushi has also set up an E-Commerce site to market the homemade products made by rural women.

To date, we have distributed reusable period products to 450 menstruators. 

In 2022, we hope to distribute over 2400 reusable pads to 600 menstruators and over 4000 cloth pads to 1000 adolescents. We have conducted numerous in-person awareness sessions on Menstrual Health Awareness and many online sessions on sustainable living and eco-friendly period products. We have also supported the education of a girl child by crowdsourcing for a laptop for her. During the second wave of COVID, we distributed food kits to tribal settlements through crowdfunding.

The activities along with dates are mentioned below:

December 2020- February 2022

  1. 17.12.2020

MHM sessions for adolescents– Anganwadi Attappallam – 21 participants

  1. 23.01.2021 

MHM sessions for adolescents– Anganwadi 2nd Mile – 8 participants

  1. 26.01.2021

MHM sessions for adolescents– Mannakkudy Tribal Settlement -10 participants

  1. 27.02.2021 – 2 sessions

MHM sessions for adolescents– Adi Chunchanagiri Women’s College, Cumbum – 30 participants

  1. 06.03.2021

Online session:

A talk on Maanushi- A journey of sustainability, menstrual health, and empowerment at St.Albert’s College, Ernakulam – 47 participants

  1. 08.03.2021

Talk on sustainability at Sahyajyothi Arts and Science College, Kumily -260 participants

  1. 15.03.2021

Online session:

Sustainable Menstrual Practices at MES College, Thiruvalla- 120 participants

  1. 30.03.2021

MHM sessions for adolescents – Govt. High School, Kumily – 20 participants

  1. 24.05.2021

Online session: 

Menstrual Health Management organised by Marian College Kuttikkanam- 60 participants

  1. 17.05.2021 – 20.07.2021

Distributed food kits to 73 families affected by the second wave of pandemic through crowdfunding.

  1. 05.06.2021

Online session: 

An Introduction to Sustainable Living organised by JCI Mlamala- 35 participants

  1. 09.06.2021

Purchased and gifted a laptop for a girl child to support her education through crowdfunding.

  1. 12.06.2021

Online session: 

Menstrual Health Management organised by Dyuti Foundation- 63 participants

  1. 14.06.2021

Online session: 

Talk on Sustainable Living at Glendale Education (School)- 52 participants

  1. 28.07.2021

Online session: 

Making homes eco-friendly organised been Rajagiri Viswajyothi College of Arts and Applied Science, Vengoor- 65 participants

  1. 05.09.2021

EcoFemme- Saphara cloth pad distribution at Paliyakkudy tribal settlement for 100 women.

  1. 07.12.2021

Sustainable Menstrual Practices– University of Kerala, Kariavattom Campus, Thiruvananthapuram – 120 participants

  1. 29.12.2021

MHM session for adolescents – Govt High School, Kumily- 28 participants

  1. 06.01.2022

Organised a Mushroom Cultivation Training session for women from Cumbum, Tamil Nadu.- 15 participants

  1. 13.01.2022

Talk- Transition to a Better Period organised by the Women’s Cell, Dept.of Mathematics and Dept.of Botany, St. Teresa’s College Ernakulam- 260 participants

  1. Set up a Mushroom Cultivation unit at Attappallam, which supports 3 women to earn a livelihood.
  1. 03.02.2022

MHM session for rural women– Gandhinagar, Kumily- 30 participants

  1. 05.02.2022 – 4 sessions

MHM session for rural women– Attappallam, Lakshamveed, 1st mile, and Chelimada.- 130 participants

  1. 06.02.2022

MHM session for rural women at Vettukad, Gudalur – 7 participants

  1. 06.02.2022

MHM session for adolescents at Vettukad, Gudalur – 3 participants

  1. 11.02.2022

MHM session for rural women– Periyar Colony- 40 participants

  1. 11.02.2022

Cloth pad distribution for Health Workers at Family Health Center, Kumily- 20 participants

  1. 27.02.2022

Organised a Soap Making Workshop at Kumily- 10 participants

  1. Launched a subscription format to ensure sustainable income for the women who make the products. The link to the same is below:

Mrs. Nisha, Treasurer, Maanushi Foundation, gifted an Oxygen machine to a fellow community member. We hope to use this machine as a community-owned product that can be issued to people in need.

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